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Is a type of cancer that is in the cells of the kidney. The cancer is caused by the rapid abnormal over growth of cells within the kidney.Our bodies are always making...

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For all the fears people harbour about falling victim to plane crashes or terrorism or even being bitten by a shark while swimming, there is one creature that consistently manages to kill more people than any other: the mosquito.

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Hepatitis* B is a virus, or infection, that causes liver disease and inflammation of the liver. Viruses can cause sickness. For example, the flu is caused by a virus.

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The Ebola epidemic has killed 4,951 people out of 13,567 infected in eight countries, the World Health Organization said on Friday, slightly revising do.

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Our Mission

JIF Is Here To Help

JULIET IBRAHIM FOUNDATION is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization focused on creating awareness on kidney cancer, malaria, HIV AIDS, ebola and other diseases and providing necessary interventions to ensure a society free of such issues in Ghana and Africa at large.


We understand that cancer, HIV AIDS, Malaria and the like especially kidney cancer is preventable, and we aim to help those in need of treatment in Africa. Our modus is to offer awareness/education, treatment and other social needs that would help individuals dealing with theses diseases.


With representation in Ghana, and the United States, it is our goal to build a network of resources that would help the people in Africa suffering from these sicknesses and other related diseases.