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JULIET IBRAHIM FOUNDATION is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization focused on creating awareness on Kidney diseases, Kidney Cancer, Malaria, HIV AIDS, Ebola amongst others while providing necessary interventions to ensure a society free of such issues in Ghana and Africa at large.

We also aim to help those in need of treatments in Africa. 
We understand that Kidney diseases, HIV AIDS, Malaria, Kidney cancer and the like is preventable hence our modus is to offer awareness/education, treatment and other social needs that would help individuals dealing with theses diseases before it gets to an incurable stage. 

With representation in Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and the United States, it is our goal to build a network of resources that would help the people in Africa suffering from these sicknesses and other related diseases

Aims and objectives:

1. The long term goal of JIF is to build a state of the art kidney center for a better management of people with renal/kidney diseases.

2. To sensitize and educate people on cancers and its effects on the Ghanaian society.

3. To provide funds and necessary assistance to people with kidney diseases but cannot afford its management.

4. To collate funds to support hospitals and medical centers that manages kidney diseases.

5. To serve as an advocate organization for awareness creation, education and promoting healthy life styles to avoid kidney diseases.


Save A Life Fund:

A fund purposely established to encourage donors to contribute to save the lives of people suffering.

End it Now! :

EIT is a health campaign program which brings together music, movie and TV stars to support to save lives.


is a concert aimed at raising funds to support JIF in its operations. SEALED! is mainly purposed to help the less privileged.


Medical publications, links, and more info about kidney Cancer and activities of JIF